andy murray's twin + mirka and roger


SPOT THE DIFFERENCE: Scot Andy Murray — the Wimbledon eighth seed if he recovers from wrist injury in time — gets his own (taller) Madame Tussaud’s wax figure.

It looks like a character from The Simpsons. (What do you think? Tell us.)

MOVING FORWARD: Mirka Vavrinec with Roger Federer, who has already gotten into the Wimbledon spirit with his all-white attire. I was expecting new Nike practice t-shirts though. Where are they, Roger?

>> God Save the Queen’s Club!: wimbledon woes
>> at wimbledon, nike dresses roger in purple
>> a peek into roger’s life with mirka



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    Thanks for the note Erwin. I love the stuff on here – the Safin pic is my new desktop background! I would certainly be open to some of your ideas and will pitch them through the Magazine – Backcourt could use some more material! Let’s be in touch.

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