wimbledon: Serena and Venus play with GOLD racquets + doubles news


If you found Serena‘s Wimbledon dress boring, then this should perk your right up: she and her sister Venus will be playing the tournament with limited-edition [K] Factor racquets, each with 22-carat gold leaf laid into their frames.

I cannot WAIT to see what these racquets look like. (Serena’s frame is black and Venus’ is white.) Drop us a line if you find a photo of it: tennisCBH AT gmail DOT com.

The sisters have also entered the doubles draw as wild cards. They won the Wimbledon women’s doubles title in 2000 and 2002.

(AP stories, via ESPN.com)

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  1. says

    nuh-uh. remember those earrings she wore…that broke? didn’t she end up making some comment about she not knowing what else to do with her money? (or were those just my thoughts on how damn materialistic she is…and then we have andre agassi who’s a complete do-gooder.) i also miss those days when the williams sisters used to get poinits deducted when one of the beads/jewelry from their hair would fall off during a ralley

  2. says

    Thats wicked sick. I hope they can play as good as their rackets will look. I think Serena has a real shot. Venus still has alot to prove this year, she still hasn’t showed us thats she’s back. Paring with her sister in doubles they should have a real shot at the title. Lets hope maybe they’ll give a little more tv time to doubles.

  3. favabean says

    hopefully the gold will come loose and fly into the stand or out of the stadium and into a poor persons hand so they can actually eat for that day. golden racquets are completely ridiculous, disgusting and gaudy on their part. 2 thumbs down for both sisters.

  4. says

    lol @ the dude above (favabean)! we need to focus on the game and not materialistic things. this is why sometimes i like blogs and sometimes not. i don’t see anything wrong with playing with a gold racket. federer makes his own weird jacket when he comes on the court and i’ve seen figure skaters skate with gold blades it’s not a big deal, why are people so pissed about it. i think it’s kinda cool actually and they can do whatever they want with their money however they want. just because they spend money on a gold racket doesn’t mean they are greedy, if that were the case then Roger Federer and all the slam winners should donate their millions in earnings to the poor because they get a pretty large chunk of $$$ for winning slams! hell, why not all athletes.

    and by the way…the Williams sisters will donate 10 autographed rackets for auction by The Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF), a not-for-profit organization that supports clinical and genetic research on breast cancer. LET ME KNOW WHEN U DONATE TO BREAST CANCER FOUNDATION LMAO!!

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