tattoo watch: name that ass back tattoo


After a few idle months, the TSF tattoo blotter got its latest entry thanks to the photography of Carlita at the Mutua Madrilena Masters in Madrid.

So, whose tat is this? Find out

Guillermo Canas back tattoo

Guillermo Canas adds to his shoulder art by biting the it-looks-better-in-japanese style of Janko Tipsarevic.

Willy went with some vertical katakana down his back. And while it makes no sense when read in Japanese, it turns out that phonetically it works out as “yo nunca me rindo” — “I never surrender”. How apropos for this Argentine, who has seen his career go up and down in the last few years.

(photo by Carlita at MTF; thanks, Angelique!)

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  1. Angelique says

    I never surrender definitely sums up Willy Canas. Has one of the hottest arses on tour IMHO.

    Thanks for putting this up so quickly.

  2. says

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