practice makes perfect: Roland Garros


Maria wears the men’s version of this season’s Nirvana hoodie from Nike.

Buy: There’s also a women’s version available. Both at starting at $30.99.

Another tee.

Here’s the backside of that practice tee Roger Federer played with in Hamburg. Yep, that’s a picture of him hitting a forehand. Very meta.

And here’s a striped polo that he wore today.

On Rafa, a cute tee, but I don’t know where to find it. Instead, I offer some alternatives:

The Nike Challenge Court tees reissued. Get ’em here and here for $25 a pop.

Or the Heritage Summer tee, complete with Nike’s French Open logo (the rooster), also for $25 at



  1. butter says

    lol… look at Maria’s photo she looks so “high” lol…
    I love Roger’s shirt and Rafa’s

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