davenport beats scrunchified jankovic


There’s no question that Lindsay Davenport will have a spot in the Top 10 (Top 5, even?) if she goes back to playing as a full-time pro.

She beat a flustered Jelena Jankovic 6-4, 2-6, 6-2 in the quarters of the Bali Open.

Typical Jelena though… she gets down on herself and gets distracted too easily. But hey you don’t get to No. 3 in the world without doing something right.

Jelena wore the pink Reebok separates she brought out at the U.S. Open, but added some pearl drop earrings and A SCRUNCHY. (Reminds me of that fight Carrie had with Berger in SATC.)

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    I never much liked Davenport, and I really like Jankovic these days, but this result makes me happy! I get so annoyed with all these people saying she should’ve stayed retired. I know they can still say that Jankovic has played too much et cetera, but to come back from having a baby what two, three months ago and beat a top five player in only your THIRD MATCH is pretty awesome!

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    Davenport…..hmm….I dunno how she’s taking care of her baby! Man, couldn’t she wait? I hope she won’t regret her decision of pursuing her career short after giving birth. That’s a little bit insane. GO HOME TO YOUR BABY!

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    Shes a champion and im sure she will be able to juggle motherhood and a tennis career. for the top 10 spot i reckon she can get bak to top 5 for sure. she has the skills. go davenport go!!!

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    Funny, Butter, I don’t remember people telling Andre Agassi that he should stay home with his babies!

    Davenport does have a husband and presumably a nanny. And most women in this world would be excited to have had as much maternity leave as Davenport has had.

    Let the woman play! And keep your nose out of her privates!

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    (sorry E but I have to reply)


    Okay, like I REALLY REALLY REALLY CARE about DAVENPORT’s private life?!!!!!
    Wow, her life is more interesting than any other player that I actually blog about????!!!! For the first time I made a comment about this woman, someone had to put their own opinion toward’s mine.
    I never said she doesn’t have a husband and a nanny, of course she wouldn’t be able to play w/o any help.
    Besides, I only said that she should go home to her baby and wait for a little bit more time to play again, because many mothers out there would want to have a career like her, wherein they could go back to do what their doing anytime; and spend more time with their kids.

    She has all the time in world to come back. Would she rather miss her baby’s first words? First time he walk? you see, it’s not me being sexist please….and I don’t know about Agassi and I don’t care.

    And my nose is not all over her privates if you still didn’t get it. It’s not like I’m the only one who knows she has a husband and a baby!

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