bethanie mattek: it's finally over!


You know when you watch those horror movies and you think the villain’s dead but he’s really not, and he’s just laying still long enough to lull the victims into letting their guards down before he strikes again?

Fashion JUGG-ernaut Bethanie Mattek has done the exact same thing to my eyes at this year’s U.S. Open. I thought we’d gotten rid of her after the loss to Peer in singles, but I forgot that she was in the doubles draw with Sania Mirza.

Their second-round match found Mattek flaunting her latest Bebe Sport outfit, this time an ensemble more conservative than her golden disaster (but still low-cut enough to give this ballkid a peek). They defeated second seeds Lisa Raymond and Sam Stosur 2-6, 7-5, 7-5.

And today she wears this.

I. have. no. more. words. Mirza looked good in red Lotto, but Mattek comes out wrapped in a dead leopard. They went down to the Taiwanese team of Yung-Jan Chan and Chia-Jung Chuang 3-6, 6-3, 4-6.

With the loss, the Bebe dresses have taken stakes through the heart. And then got pushed into a vat of molten lava. The fight is over. Good riddance. (Do you agree? Tell us.)

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  1. says

    The poor ballboy! Look how she’s teasing him? She’s clearly flirting with him. What a vixen!

    The leopard outfit I actually think is great. Okay, the hat/visor thing overdoes it a bit (what does Stacy always say on What Not To Wear? Animal print should only be on one item of clothing per outfit!) and the same kinda goes for the shorts or skirt (I can’t tell which) even though it looks kind of cute in a lingerie-sorta-way. But the top is by far the nicest thing she’s put on. It doesn’t (like her silver lame get up) make her look like a fatty, it keeps her boobs in place and it doesn’t remind me of Jane Fonda. I like it.

  2. Liz Kerner says

    I think that her outfits are AWESOME! Yeah, maybe they are attention grabbing but it’s a lot of fun! She is an entertaining tennis player, I wish her a lot of success, hope to see her playing and winning more!

  3. Dustin says

    Bethanie is a really good friend of mine, and she is just having fun. She loves to get reactions out of people, whether it be good or bad. She truly is a fun loving and good natured person, so don’t rush to judgement just because of what she wears.

  4. Luann says

    Bethanie is an amazing person. She has fun with the game by expressing herself through her outfits; I wish more players would experiment with their clothing. It’s heinous watching a match when both players are wearing the same dull outfit. Seriously, get original and have fun! Bethanie makes the game that much more exciting with what she wears. If all the players did what she does, tennis would be a much more popular sport.

    “Poor ballboy?” I’m sure he is Loving the attention!!

  5. says

    Hey, She a USA player – give her more respect she went 3 sets up against Maria today at the French open. I hope she gets past her at the US open.
    I like to see her win titles for USA. She a real american player. She could be the Chris Evert! I like to be her mental coach! Thats all she needs. Since there all retiring. I really think she got it. And if she needs a coach she know where to find me. St. Petersburg, Florida

  6. Frank says

    watched her beat Bertoli today at Wimbledon. She’s got game, could be a top 20 player. i think she’s quite attractive. She needs to tone down the outfits a little. She looked great today in all white. She could dress a little more conservative and let her tennis and good looks and nice personality sell themselves. Overall i think she’s hot and i didn’t see her before today.

  7. Hoyt Dorminey says

    Bethannie is a breath of fresh air. Please give her a break, she looks gorgeous in the outfits. What a bod!!

  8. Jackie says

    I seriously went looking for information on the Internet about Mattek after I saw her in today’s ridiculous tennis outfit at the 2008 US Open, and I found your blog. Perhaps you are no longer in business, but you could start up again with Mattek’s appalling fashion choices. I thought yesterday in the red get-up with the black trim and her black (not sports) bra entirely on display.

    How did I miss her in the past?

    What a disaster for tennis. I thought all that was the business of synchronized swimming.


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