a quick t-shirt round-up

free kolya shirt

  • Snoo Foo (a reader) made a Free Kolya shirt from our own design — with TSF’s blessing, of course — in time to support the Russian during this week’s Tennis Masters Cup Shanghai.

    Edit: You can get your Kolya shirt here (which is where Snoo Foo got it done). You can have the graphic on a hoodie, a ringer tee, or (my fave) an American Apparel crew. If you do get one, make sure to send us a photo of you wearing the shirt. Thanks for spreading TSF and Kolya love!

    no mas - wimbledon 1981

  • Meanwhile, renaissance man Chris Isenberg and the folks at streetwear/art outfit No Mas pay homage to the memorable 1981 Wimbledon final — when John McEnroe upset five-time defending champion Bjorn Borg in four sets — with this $32 tee.

  • Never did we think that Roger Federer would need our support, but this “We Love Roger” shirt by Swiss design shop Plus41 is more relevant than ever.

  • And Stick It Wear?! has come up with a few more designs since we profiled them on this blog. Browse the new additions.

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  1. Oh my god!! I want that Free Kolya T-shirt!! Do you have the hi-res graphic?

  2. that free kolya shirt is soo awesome i want one!!!

  3. Way to go, Snoo! :)

  4. Björn Borg says:

    Nice picture of Kolya, but I would rather have it on a toiletpaper if that is possible.

  5. BB: hahaha

  6. Thanks for the (re)pointer to Stick It Wear?! Since the first posting on these shirts my USTA team chose the women’s shirts for our uniform – so far undefeated!! Is it the shirt? I don’t know but I’m not taking any chances.

  7. Love the No Mas “1981″ tee, getting it – thanks!

  8. you’re a fantastic writer. i’m glad your blog is doing so well.

    and… from the video…. what’s up with the hair??? looks good on you, send me pics, and i’ll send mine. but you first.

  9. oh… and i want a t-shirt.

    i’m all for kolya being free… the bastards.


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