fashion focus: maria's red dress in action

During yesterday’s first evening session at the 2007 U.S. Open in Flushing Meadows, Russian superstar Maria Sharapova trounced Roberta Vinci, 6-0, 6-1 as she debuted her red dress.

Glam, 2.0: Maria paired the dress with nice pearl drop earrings and a black warm-up jacket with sheer sleeves. I must say the dress looked as good on her last night as it did atop Rockefeller Center last week.

Other notes: Did anyone else think that the crystals on her dress were catching the lights funny? I hope she doesn’t blind any of her opponents.

She served some double faults at the end of her match, showing some signs that her shoulder’s acting up. Will she have enough to go through seven matches?

Buy: The red dress available for $125.

(photos via Daily Mail and Getty Images)

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    First of all, love that dress!!!!! I thought the crystals on her dress was a necklace dangling above her chest, but it’s just because of the lights. I don’t like the fact that she paired it with pearl earrings. It’s kind of overdone, it would’ve been much better if she had worn one of her long gold earrings, cos her dress already have sparkles.
    …and….that black jacket that she’s wearing (as pictured above), looks like it’s from NIKE “COUTURE” lol……

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    Sheer-sleeved warmup jacket looks weird.

    If Masha makes it to the final, or even the semis, she can thank her lucky draws. Can’t see her repeating, though it’d be a great year-saver for her.

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    …I do like the dress, although her talk of its redness representing the Big Apple is a little goofy. She sure isn’t shaped like that fruit.

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    A lot of that was PR spin… she used a lot of buzz words and phrases that made it easy for stringers to pump out wire stories about the dress.

    Yeah the dress is good. But they took the whole homage to NYC a little too far.

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    the red dress is gorgeous… although i do wanna see her play in her white day dress…
    i think red is a good choice for this years US Open… not many ppl are wearing it… ive only seen Tursunov in red but hes out so maria met be the only one with a red outfit?

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