stripe for the picking


We here at TSF are suckers for stripes (you should see our closet!), so we’re up to our ears in glee that there are lots of ways to show off some bold patterns this season.

At Nike, the Spring Trend Group plays with bright 80s colors — think pink, lime, seafoam green — on charcoal and white backgrounds. The youthful combination looks perf on Rafa Nadal and Juan Martin del Potro. Good call on placing the stripes just on the front of the shirts, btw. K-Swiss has a similar pattern in black on a white casual tee. A vertical pattern is all over Y-3’s beach bag (you’ll never lose your spot on the beach!), and a nautical version is detail on some japanese lowtop sneakers.

Take a look after the cut…

short balls: roger’s the best, nadal loves marilyn, and a threesome in my living room

I WANT THEM ALL: We ran across these prints of Roger, Rafa, and Andy Roddick done by UK artist Vietnamthemovie. He’s doing a 100-print run of all three — available in a variety of print finishes and sizes, starting from $48 — so act fast. Le sigh. my disposable income’s at zero, but my living room already looks naked without ‘em! Check out the shop here.

Just like (quick) honey: Do you remember the January 2007 issue of Tennis, which had illustrations by Peter Stemmler of Venus and Serena, Lindsay Davenport, and Nole (I think in a dress)? I meant to scan and post. Check out two more drawings, these ones of Masha.


He’s a rock star, after all: Another mark in that column for Rafael Nadal, who for six months now has owned a Marilyn Monroe piece by artist Daniele Donde. Rafa picked up Marilyn Rocks in June of 2008. (src)

Nadal’s number one… … but you’re the best a man can get, Roger! This mural was spotted by keithmaguire in South Korea.