picks from the australian open e-store

australian open 2013 online store

Merch, merch, merch everywhere: The tournament organizers for the 2013 Australian Open are dialing in their merchandising skills, this year coming up with a few souvenirs we wouldn’t mind having around the house (clockwise, from the top left): player towels ($55AUD), girl’s heart t-shirt ($30AUD), player towel keychain ($10AUD), personalized mugs ($17.95AUD) Wilson jumbo pink ball ($35AUD), Men’s 2013 Event T-Shirt ($40AUD).

A Closer Look: This. Model.

Also: The hears in that girl’s tee is made out of players’ silhouettes — hitting groundstrokes, hosting a trophy, etc. Fun times.

The Tennis: Follow 2013 Australian Open live scores and results at Tennis Now.

(screengrabs via australianopenshop.com)

shoes: where tennis balls go to die…

Another edition of “where tennis balls go to die“:

I’m not entirely crushed that I missed out on eBay bidding for these Chuck Taylors (made with similar fabric used for tennis balls)…

Besides, there’s only room for one pair of wacky tennis shoes in my closet. So I would sooner save up my money to pick up these suckers.

Or if I’m sticking with the Converse brand, then I’d go for these Varsity All-Star Slip Red rubber Chucks. They’re like Crocs, but not. (I’m trying to find out where they’re for sale. I’ll let you know when I do!)

(via Flypaper; red chucks photo via Converse)