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For the literati: Instead of attempting to get through Infinite Jest one more time (and failing yet again), show David Foster Wallace some love by sporting this Enfield Tennis Academy shirt. (via

simpson of australia

Flashback: Those into vintage should check out this eBay auction for a never-worn Simpson of Australia polo designed specifically for the 1972 Davis Cup. (logo source)

(OT) Fugging Fashion Week: I adore the Fug Girls, but I love them even more when they’re fashion week-blogging for New York Magazine.

(OT) JC Report: The latest issue discusses, among others, the proliferation of Asian designers on New York’s runways and the latest luxury goods lines to hit the market.

brad pitt

(OT) Hot in Details, hotter in V: Remind me to send Brad Pitt the medical bill for my heart attack. I’m sure to get one after these pubs drop their latest issues.