more limited edition: serena helps launch laptops and clothing lines in india


While in Bangalore, Serena Williams did her part as a spokesperson for HP to launch a line of limited edition notebooks with three designs. The “Verve” imprint will be on the dv2600 Pavilion, “Thrive” will be on the dv6800 Pavilion, and the “Asian Odyssey” (pictured above) will be the imprint on the dv2800. “Asian Odyssey” was the winner of the ‘Take Action. Make Art’ competition hosted by MTV and HP. It also reminds me a little of Bud Collinslaptop.

And based on the three imprints, Indian fashion duo Shantanu & Nikhil have created an exclusive collection for Serena to be unveiled in the fall/winter 2008 Willis India Lifestyle Fashion Week (March 12-16).

Flashback: See what Shantanu & Nikhil did for spring/summer 2008.


(src; photos via Getty Images)