lemar dauley x dc, part trois: clay vs. grass

Grass vs. clay… red vs. green… Rafa vs… Rafa?

After dabbling with nautical themes for their last collab, Lemar and Dauley and DC Shoes turn to tennis for their current release, the Xander.

Available in honeydew (grass) and coral (clay) colorways, the high-top shoes have tennis DNA all over: the mesh on the side panels and the tongue of the shoe look like waffle pattern of strings on the racquet face, while DC’s signature houndstooth print appears as a “stencil” on the tongue. The shoe’s translucent sole mimics the nylon material used to make the strings themselves, and the use of leather around the edges — as well as under the sole — represent the racquet grip. And to round it all out, the insoles have an abstract graphic print of a court surface.

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This isn’t the first time L&D’s geeked out on us. Remember their homage to Andre Agassi for their Holiday 2007 collection?

Buy: Call up the DC Soho and Melrose brick-and-mortar shops to get more info.

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(OT) a salute to the admiral


Ten-hut: Our ears perked up when we caught wind of this new collaboration between DC Shoes and Lemar & Dauley on the former’s Admiral shoe. The collab shows what happens when you take an urbanite and move ‘em to a tranquil nautical setting.

Having done time on water ourselves — club rowing back in the day (bow seat!) — we have a soft spot for the 80’s regatta wind sail print adorning the side of the sneakers. It’s finished with some contrasting black and white uppers, representing the dockside serenity and the energy of car horns and massive crowds. L&D’s trademark houndstooth print makes an appearance on the tongue; the Braille’s a nice touch (though I’m not sure what it says…).

Buy: Lemar & Dauley, Admiral, $150, lemaranddauley.com.