trophy watch, exo edition: jb group classic and hopman cup

Forgive us for being a week behind with the trophies from last week’s exhibitions (Hopman Cup and the ladies’ JB Group Classic). But the Hopman trophy is cool, so here we go…

First, the Hopman Cup, won by the American team of Serena and Mardy over injured Serbians Jelena and Nole.


Team USA also went home (or to Melbourne, I guess) with these diamond-encrusted tennis balls. According to ABC, a new design by Doris Brinkhaus is conjured up each year, always with an Australian map and a diamond marking Perth’s location. It takes 8 months to construct.

The balls cost $35,000 each. The last one Serena won (back in 2003) ended up a gift to her mother, Oracene.


Venus Williams started off strong in 2008 with a 6-4, 6-3 win over Maria Sharapova in the finals of the JB Group Classic on January 5.

More photos: Hopman Cup trophies plus JB Group players’ party and press conference photos after the cut…

on this cold court, it’s no halter skelter


The cold weather in Hong Kong has wreaked havoc on the ladies who participated at the JB Group Classic. Anna Chakvetadze (in adidas), Venus Williams, and a yoga panted Maria Sharapova all had contingency plans for the exhibition.

They were better prepared this time around, unlike last May’s Polish Open, when Venus ended up putting long sleeves under a halter. A halter.


Elena Dementieva keeps herself toasty, too.

(photos by Getty Images)

what’s that on ana ivanovic’s ring finger?

Sorry for the erratic posting schedule. The new year has brought about some big changes in our daily routine, so it will take at least a few days for the dust to settle. But don’t you worry — what we’re not posting, we’re eagerly saving for a fun end-of-week write-up.

In the meantime, I’ve appreciated the lot of you who’ve written in with tips, kind words, and feedback about coverage…


You better believe our heart skipped a beat when we saw this picture of Ana Ivanovic at a press conference for the JB Group Classic (exhibition) in Hong Kong. Who is she romantically involved with? When did she get engaged?!

Then we Wikipedia’d the sucker, and it turns out that its an Eastern European tradition to wear the wedding bands on the right hand.


More: You can read up on the exo’s playing format here.

(photo by Getty Images; thanks, Rebecca!)