Night Tennis Miami update

I may have spoken too soon. It turns out that there might be some merit to this whole Night Tennis Miami business. Tournament organizers have scheduled five fashion shows with Fila, Roberto Cavalli, Diane von Furstenberg, Etro, and Village of Merrick Park (a local mall). Cavalli, DVF, and Etro will all take from previous collections (click on the thumbnails to see them). Take a looksies:

cavalli-springRTW-2007 Diane Von Furstenberg-RTW-2007 Etro women's collection - RTW spring 2007 etro men's RTW spring 2007
(From left to right:)

Roberto Cavalli: “…inspired by the colors of Mexico and the paintings of Frida Kahlo.”

Diane von Furstenberg: “(Her collection) All About Eve celebrates the birth of femininity with bold, brave colors and loose silhouettes.”

Etro and Fila after the cut