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TennisServedFresh has a lot of exciting things in store for the 2010 season. One of them is a consistent video blog from Contributing Editor Nick McCarvel. Check out these once-in-awhile posts and please feel free to comment and join in on the conversation! Have something you’d like Nick to talk about? Want more fashion? Match analysis?! Let us know and we’ll make it happen. Click the picture to watch.

guga videos + he mulls retirement

Here are some promotional videos created by Marcelo Bala (1, 2, 3) for Guga Kuerten‘s eponymous clothing line.

The Jack Johnson(esque?) soundtrack that accompanies the motion graphics are totally what I would expect: laid back, unharshed mellow, surfer.

FYI: in a press conference last week, Kuerten shared that he’ll consider retiring from pro tennis if he can’t compete at a high level within this next year. (It’s not like he won’t have enough to do: there’s his children’s foundation, his clothing line, and appearing at exhibitions, etc.)

Kuerten has been chosen as a reserve when Brazil plays Austria in Davis Cup Word Group playoffs Sept. 21-23.

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more short balls: henin scot-free, tennis titans on the success of roger and rafa, amateur video wanted, etc.

Justine Henin can rest easy: The title of French Open villain now goes to Maria Sharapova, and Justine looks destined for a Roland Garros three-peat. (via The Independent)

Federer gets (Grand) Slammed: Aussie great Rod Laver will welcome R-Fed into the circle of tennis elite, but will stop at calling Roger’s achievement — if he wins the French — a Grand Slam: a “Roger Slam”, perhaps. (via the North County Times)

But if it’s any consolation, he broke another record: This time, it’s John McEnroe‘s 11 straight-set wins in Grand Slam matches. Federer started his in the first round of the 2007 Aussie Open, through his 4th round match against Youzhny — he lost a set to Tommy Robredo. McEnroe’s was in 1984, from the 2nd round of Wimbledon through the U.S. Open quarterfinals. (via Reuters UK)

And Borg thinks Nadal is a rock star: and a definite candidate to break Borg’s record of six titles on the red clay. But even with all that, he thinks Roger — and not Rafa — will take this year’s French Open. (via The Age)

Video is the new Pinkberry: Some pro-video marketing dude has run amuck in tennis circles. First, Jim Courier‘s marketing firm is partnering with Australian winery Wolf Blass to raise awareness for the sport. Amateurs are encouraged to submit videos of their “Boldest Play”. Over at HEAD, turning in the winning video will get you some face time with Andre Agassi in Vegas. (via Brandweek and HEAD)

Good job, DirecTV and TTC: Reviews of their French Open coverage, including this one from, have generally been great.

Electronics aren’t allowed on the court: Trying to kill time during an injury timeout called by her opponent Marion Bartoli, Jelena Jankovic was told by the chair ump that she couldn’t listen to her mp3 player. (AP, via The Hindu)

Luke Jensen is onto something: American players simply don’t play on clay courts enough during the year to even THINK about winning the French. (via South Bend Tribune)

BJK for HRC: As the presidential nomination campaigns heat up, Billie Jean King continues to rally support for Hillary Clinton. (via The New York Observer)

agassi whacks steffi: the video

Here’s footage from when Andre Agassi accidentally hit Steffi Graf with his racket. They appeared at a charity event in Houston.

It’s funny how it looks so harmless on film. In the same way that the Jackass stunts seem so harmless. Make no mistake, though: Steffi ended up with three stitches.

This is the reason why I don’t play doubles.

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