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fashion focus: bjorn borg underwear – s/s '08

The folks at Bjorn Borg coupled the launch of their spring/summer '08 clothing collection with an underwear show, and TSF got a hold of some pics... The 50's seaside theme had men's undies in classic color schemes (navy, red, dark green) in check, mini pattern, floral, and stripes. The women's range, in "Miami pastels", play with both darker shades and lighter tones. We're … [Read more...]

fashion: more than just underwear…

I assure you I am capable of discussing things other than Djokovic's chones... Stay tuned for Borg and Fila: I'll have my hands on pics from the Bjorn Borg spring/summer '08 collection (that's underwear AND swimwear) very soon. Also, word about Fila's new clothing line (one that's even better than their Settantatre collection, I've been told) should pop up at any time. I'll … [Read more...]

short balls: tennis aprons, djokovic struts in underwear, bud at espn, gold racquets for sale, etc.

Fashion trivia: Did you know that women back in the day wore aprons on the tennis court? It was used to hold balls and to protect their dresses from grass stains. Did you feel it? It might have felt like an earthquake, but don't worry: it was just some folks fainting after hearing that Nole did a skivvy strut at the end of the ATP Fashion Show in Montreal. I believe a pub used … [Read more...]

short balls: borg underwear model search in London; federer's girlfriend; martina in philly

Borg's UK Model Search: Towleroad brings us news of Bjorn Borg's recent model search in London. From what I've seen of models they've used in the past, only the guy on the left would make the cut... The woman behind the man: Mirka Vavrinec, longtime girlfriend of Roger Federer, gets a slight profile in this piece at Navratilova + politics: The Philadelphia Daily … [Read more...]

shirtless: youtube vids of tennis players

shirtless tennis - grigor dimitrov

File this away under "There's something for everyone": The Facebook / YouTube combo of Shirtless Tennis players has popped into our radar in the last few weeks (though they've been around since 2011). The vids are very matter-of-fact, grainy clips --  usually from match broadcasts -- and aren't really our thing, but in case it's yours: you're welcome. Also: Remember … [Read more...]