tennis gets commercial


We’re well aware of tennis’ re-arrival into pop culture, but who knew the ad execs would take so kindly to the sport, too?!

PeTA recently launched an ad campaign using John McEnroe as a spokesman (‘yellsman’?) in this commercial. columnist L. Jon Wertheim is wondering just how much more of the “YCBS?!” our culture can take. 

Meanwhile, tennis splashed onto the pages of the Village Voice this week in the form of a foot fungus ad (ew!).


And, the sport was spotted in the trendy East Village nabe of NYC, where foodie movement was combining the never-failing combo of breaded cheesy goodness and tennis balls. Loves it.


(tsf photos)

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    YCBS also showed up in National Car Rental campaign earlier this year (their “Go Like a Pro” campaign). The non-YCBS ad wasn’t so bad:

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    I saw that commercial the other day and I thought it was funny because of the continued use of his tag line “You have got to be serious!” Ahh, that never get’s old. I wish he used it more when he’s commentating.

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