wimbledon preview: ivanovic’s adidas outfit


Ana Ivanovic‘s camp does their part to feed the Wimbledon fashion machine, releasing photos of her adidas outfit for the upcoming grass court tournament. The purple version on the right will be what Ana will wear while playing the U.S. Open.

All the dresses we’ve seen so far look pretty tame. (Do you like her dress? Tell us.) What happened to the days of DVF-designed dresses? Or that Sharapova dress from 2004 with the great slit? Bring them back!

(via women’s tennis)

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  1. says

    really diane vf designed tennis outfits before??? show em pls.
    I kinda like the purple, but I have to see it on t.v. the design is pretty much basic.

  2. Eduardo says

    yo pienso que la mejor tenista del mundo en ana ivanovic por la gran tecnica de golpeo que tiene y nose porque a justine enine le dan el primer lugar si ami parecer ana tiene mas cualidades que justine.
    tambien opino que esta muy por encima de sharapova las wiliams y kurnicova

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