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If you liked Andy Murray sporting tight-fitting Fred Perry at this year’s US Open and you enjoy Novak Djokovic in his always-colorful adidas ensembles, this may not be the best piece of news for you. Or perhaps it might be?!

While I’ll leave all the fashion opinionating to my trusted boss, Erwin, I will announce that there are reports that Djokovic may be ditching the Big a and signing with K-Swiss, while Murray might be taking his place at adidas.

Musical outfits, oh my! What do you think?

Open minded: Kim Clijsters might be the clearest thinker in women’s tennis right now. She announced yesterday she’ll play a 13-tournament schedule in 2010 (motherhood and Slams still come before ranking, she says). And, today, announced a partnership with Thomas Cook, the Euro airline that you may find Kim, Jada and Brian on a flight on in the near future. But just remember, when you see them sitting in first class, they def didn’t pay!

Puppy love: That’s Mardy Fish with one of the Bryan brothers (can you tell which?!) presenting his new pup, Charlie. Mards, we love the pup, but please oh please, get a haircut boy! Good grooming skills are a must, even after the Open!

(photo via twitpic)

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  1. Johanna says

    For some unknown reason – I have feelings here (!?)- Nole in K-Swiss? Are they buying him Monte Carlo? The economic incentive must be insane. Adidas is iconic. I took a photo of him in the display window of the adidas store in Belgrade. Where’s the K-Swiss store? Anywhere?! The label doesn’t seem to suite him – it’s not big enough for Nole’s personality. Maybe Adidas just needs to personify his kit a wee bit more (or pay him more money?). Don’t do it Nole!! Come back from the brink!

  2. says

    K-Swiss isn’t a good tennis brand, at least they haven’t been. As for my fav player in Murray… I love the Adidas tennis line, but leaving Fred Perry would just be sad. He’s English ya know? There is just something really cool about that. Although I haven’t liked most of his shirts over the last year. The shorts are always great. 😀


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