wimbledon preview: serena's outfit


Tennis fashionista Serena Williams will be wearing a white version her Nike Serena dress to next week’s Wimbledon.


Yet another safe choice. I can’t wait for her to bust out some mad outfit at the U.S. Open. (What do you think of her Wimbledon whites? Tell us.)

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  1. Amit says

    the dress is ok. its the same which she wore at RG this year. she shud wear something which she wore at Wimbledon 2002.

  2. BeatHerUpSerena says

    This dress looked great on her at the French Open, and it will look better on her at Wimbledon. She’s going to win Wimbledon in this dress. :-) I think it’s very flattering to her physique, (Serena Williams dosen’t just have a figure, she has a PHYSIQUE, ham mercy!) The cut of this dress shows off her incredibly built upper body, tapered torso, toned & powerful legs. The shadow model above isn’t anything like Serena Williams, and the dress looks like a big ole ZERO on the shadow model. You need a body like Serenas to bring it to life! And she does JUST that.

  3. james says

    I think the style of dress she wore for AO was best on her and for her figure.. With the RG dress she seemed uncomfortable alway fixing the top half.

  4. Rena Fan says

    Maybe this is all a yet another sign Serena is simply serious about Tennis. She already got the AO and Miami – where both her tennis was the topic of discussion and not her attire. I’ll take this dress and any other as long as Wimbledon and the US come with it.

  5. Zach says

    its great for the atmosphere has a nice touch goes with the court and looks nice on the players but i belive they should show more skin and not look so 70ish lil more FLAVOR


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