maria the richest


Maria Sharapova wears mint green and white Nike for this week’s DFS Classic in Birmingham. What do you think of her look? Tell us.

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DID YOU KNOW?: Masha is currently the highest-paid female athlete, based on ForbesCelebrity 100 and on’s Top 20 highest-earning non-American athletes.

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  1. says

    love! —–she kinda looks like she’s about to attend a tea party in this gear though, lol….I think it’s because of that mint-colored top.

  2. Marilyn Rangel says

    She is great!! I do not care for what she wears but her game!!! She is a great tennis player and that’s all i care about. I love how she shows her emotions during a game. She will allways be #1 tennis player for me:)
    Marilyn Rangel

  3. says

    maria is my favourite woman on tour atm (now that davenport is a mommy)
    her game is just awesome. the power and her range
    shes come a long way and i think only needs a little more confidence in herself to be able to get over justine. i will be watching her closely in wimby and i hopefully in the finals.
    GO MARIA!!!

  4. RoBBiEBoY says

    Couldn’t disagree more with Nez about Maria’s range… she has none – if we are talking about breadth of shots and all court ability. She is however gutsy and determined. Oh and, yes, powerful. I’ll give her that.

  5. sheela says

    She is not a talented player like the Williams sisters. The other Russians are coming up and I feel that her time in tennis is nearing towards the end. She has a lot of catching up to do. In my view I feel she has lost her interest in tennis and she is just another glamorous woman on the tennis circuit making money through commercials.


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