a tourney tee that takes the cake


Tourney merch almost always disappoints, so we smile when we see stuff on the rack that doesn’t scream “Let me show you my mad Word Art and MS Paint skillz.”

Lump into that “buy” category this vintage-inspired women’s tee available for sale at the Pilot Pen Tennis tournament store.

Our only beef? They didn’t make it a unisex tee. Why do guys always get the short end of the stick?

Edit: It turns out that Verdasco was into this tee, too, and asked Pilot Pen tournament director Anne Worcester for an extra large. See? Even the players want in!



  1. courtney says

    I just got back from the Cincy tournament and the shirt selections there were terrible, and that is why I didn’t buy a cheap looking shirt with a big baby blue 09, a tennis ball, all on pastel pink background. YUCK! This shirt is great.

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