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Lots of tennis is going on during the US Open Series to lead up to the big dance later this month. But don’t forget about the on-court fashion, as well. We’ve been digging the bright colors that have been brought out of the closet following the fortnight at Wimbledon, but some accessory choices haven’t gone over so well.

Russian Igor Andreev, always at the top of his (physical) game, looks great in this Under Armour outfit put together for Cincy this week. The look is very Rafa-USO-2007 inspired, but Andreev makes it look fresh with those bustling, lean muscles and the white, exaggerated bandana. 

Picture 1

We wouldn’t mind some colored shoes, but black seems to have it at the moment. As for the black that James Blake is wearing, it’s just all wrong. Blake, like Andy Roddick, continues to be a fashion disaster on court, even though his clothing line (Fila) is mostly his at the top of the game (only Marin Cilic also wears the brand).

Picture 2

What’s wrong with this picture? Hmmm: the misplaced, awkward-looking sweatband to start. The baggy shirt is second and those black shorts! Oh black… why?! Why must these men insist on wearing such terrible things in the middle of the summer heat? We don’t buy the “this-is-the-new-line-of-product” excuse. If James wanted to look dapper, you know he could look dapper…

Meanwhile, on the women’s side of things up in Toronto, two girls made vastly different choices on Tuesday. First, Ana Ivanovic looks stunning (and comfortably cool) in an all-white get up from adidas (insert wrist band for color), while Yaroslava Shvedova is making us cringe in those glasses.

Picture 4

Picture 3

What do you think???

(photos via Yahoo sports)



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