who's going to make a move on grass?


Amer Delic playing at the Artois Championships, Queen’s Club.

Who do you think will make their move on grass this year?

My picks: Amelie Mauresmo, Justine Henin, Serena Williams, Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic, Tomas Berdych

Leave a comment with your list of usual suspects and dark horses.



  1. says

    Mmm… I think that Roger is still the man to beat on the lawn. We’ll see if Rafa will be able to reach the Wimbledon final again. I see Novak Djokovic as outsider and why not, Andy Roddick, even if he’s not in the best moment of his career. About the ladies, well, the answer is harder since the surface in not so important in ladies’ tennis. I see Henin, Sharapova, Jankovic and Ivanovic as the favourites but I would like Maria Kirilenko to get a very important result hehe :)

  2. butter says

    Sharapova, Justine, one of the Williams sisters.
    Federer, Nadal, Djokovic, Mario Ancic (if he’s in the draw), I think Marat would do good this year but not expecting him in the finals.

  3. trinityimpact says

    My Wimbledon men’s semi:

    Fed – Djokovic

    Gonzo – Roddick

    (Man, I’d love to see Roddick-Nadal in there somewhere!)

  4. says

    Mine are Federer, and Djokovic. Djokovic is improving every match. He is a player to watch. Roger is legend, amazing, although he may need to to have a coach to bounce stuff off of. No pun intended! Justin is my pick. She is everywhere on the court and her backhand wow!

  5. says

    Federer is the man to beat at Wimby. I think Rafa will do well again this year. Henin will win it on the women’s side and Serena will do well too. I would like to see Djokovic and Golovin make some noise.

  6. Nez says

    personally i think Roddick will makes some moves… shake some ground :)

    and yes djokovic… hes my fave :)

    in the womens side ivanovic and jankovic will make some moves
    im also interested to see if vaidisova will come back into the top ten. she has the game to be up there

    although i think sharapova will dominate wimbledon

  7. says

    Okay I;m going to eat my words here, I’m going to remove Safin on my list. What was I thinking :-X ? anyways, I’ll put Nalbandian instead.

  8. says

    i bet roddick will be destroyed by federeer on grass like he is always destroyed by him. and roddick builds up confidence by winning tournaments where he doesnt have to beat anyone of significance, which is fine i guess but the hype around him when he does win a tourny is ridiculous. just like recently how everyone was raving how good he is becoming and he should be the #2, then rafa destroyed him in miami or wherever it was. i dont see him beating either of those two in a slam, even if he plays rafa on grass. roddicks backhand stinx.

  9. says

    and ur right, he was horrible on clay, and it seemed like he didnt even care afterwards. i really really think he should skip the claycourt season, which he practicallt does, and just go to W for a couple months for any chance to win it. i mean honestly why the hell does he play on clay, he sux bad on it and u just know he aint gonna be winnin any clay titles in his future. same goes for james.

  10. says

    did u ever notice in recent years that when andy roddick actually wins a tournament he never has to beat anyone like say inside the top 25? even when he won that big one in cincy last year, it was like no one inside the top 15. i literally can not recall when he had a really big win. he is so overrated. next.

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