ah, that’s better


Thanks to Mmmmhmm for catching our mistake

Picture 1

Mr. Djokovic, sans robe, after the cut…

Picture 2

(screengrabs via towleroad)


  1. Lear says

    My GOD!!! The object of my affection. If he was gay, he would so be my boyfriend. Guys and girls will love this pic. Thanks for posting this Corn Beef. I don’t know your actual name, so…sorry. lol

  2. says

    We love our Djoker :)

    I’m attending the Montreal Rogers Cup all week and it is a blast, so many great players. About the fashion catwalk, my sources told me that security were needed because the girls were going crazy with that many sexy specimen!

  3. tina says

    oh my god,hes hot! i was really shocked when i saw the bottom half of his first picture.lets just say i am sa fan of nole but he won me 10,000 times more when i saw these pictures,ahahahahaha im being crazy here.these are nice thanks for posting!

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