tech addicts


The New York Times has an article out today on how our society is increasingly turning to technology (literally) when we wake up. Instead of brushing our teeth, eating breakfast or walking down the hall to rub the sleep out of our eyes, we’re opening laptops, checking BlackBerrys and making sure we catch up on anything we missed out on in the few hours we were asleep.

That goes for tennis players, too. Here’s a snapshot of Monday morning Twitter updates from a few of our faves. 

Picture 6

Picture 5

Picture 2

And to find out which former U.S. touring pro made an ill-advised book purchase over the weekend, click below.

Picture 3Picture 4

We’re going to assume that Mr. Courier is joking, and we love him for it… good humor, Jimmy. Espesh for a Monday morning, don’t you think?


  1. breadstix says

    Haha, Courier’s actually cracked me up. Some of the twitter conversations between A-Rod and his wife is absoloutely hilarious.

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