ralph lauren's wimbledon: ballboys, linesmen, and boris becker


The folks at Ralph Lauren have started cranking the buzz machine for their second year as Wimbledon‘s official outfitter.

Their reps sent us these photos of the uniforms — in navy and cream — that the fashion house has created for tennis officials. (Those are ballboy outfits on the left, and linesmen outfits on the right.) The linesmen pair their doeskin blazers with trousers or skirts. The ballboys’ clothes “feature high performance, fast-drying fabrics for maximum comfort and full range of motion”.

They’ve also enlisted the help of Boris Becker to act as brand ambassador (meaning he’ll be wearing RL stuff all week). I guess their deal with the Beckhams fell through, eh?

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  1. robin mclean says

    do you have the off-white? Wimbledon Linesman caps.
    it has to be or be like the ones the linesmen wear

    thanks so much

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