gustavo kuerten in the 2007 french open final


I love how they’ve turned this year’s French Open into a photo opp for injured past champions: yesterday it was Mary “Bum Knee” Pierce, and today it was Guga “Broken Hip” Kuerten.

The three-time winner at Roland Garros looked dashing in his three-button pinstripe suit, don’t you agree?

Trophy Watch: Rafa is holding the Coupe des Mousquetaires, FYI.



  1. RoBBiEBoY says

    OMG, Mr. Kuerten cleans-up nicely! Don’t we all miss Guga? Saw him play at Pacific Life this year. It just ain’t the same. And look at poor Roger. Must be kicking himself silly after blowing all those breakpoint chances in the first set!! Rafa didn’t help Roger’s cause by stepping up to the plate when needed.

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