neon, knees off: rafa unravels at the french


I think there are mixed reviews out there about Rafael Nadal‘s bright pink shirt from Nike, but we’re going to side with the Mallorcan and give it a thumbs up.

Meanwhile, he opted to wear a much tamer shoes — the off-motif ‘ballistecs in black/white/red — rather than the limited edition version that’s currently available in stores. It’s almost as if he still has one foot in the old world of Rafa (the one that was free of the pressures of being No. 1) and still isn’t quite ready to embrace the trappings of the top spot (this isn’t the first time he’s hesitated). Is Rafa not ready to go the way of Roger?

Or maybe he’s already there. Even though he (ghost)blogged for the Times during the French, that Vogue piece showed us that he’s stayed insulated from the press more than not.

And of course there’s the issue with his knees. This maelstrom likely pushed him out of the fourth round against 23rd-seed Robin Soderling in a 2-6, 7-6 (2), 4-6, 6-7 (2) match. And it didn’t help that the Swede has gotten under Rafa’s skin in the past.

So he pulled out of Queens at the advice of his physio, leaving a title defense at Wimbledon defense (and another short shorts showing) in doubt. We hope he recovers in time; after last year’s performance, TSF is pretty sure that the world is gunning for a Roger/Rafa rematch.

Buy: Nike Bold French Open polo, light rose/electrolime, $60; shorts, $55; wristbands, neo turquoise/electrolime, $10; headband, $15; Courtballistec 1.3, Charcoal/vivid pink, $120; Limited Edition Courtballistec 1.3 Clay Court shoes, neo turquoise/pink/electrolime, $120.

More: See pics of his kit in action, all after the cut…

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  1. Butter says

    I really liked his FO outfit this year! It’s too cute, Sharapova should’ve worn the same colors for her outfit!


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