don’t count out the flyover states


Props to Midwest Sports for picking up our need for practice tees. Many of you write TSF asking about retail info for what our favorite players wear as they train for a tourney. Usually, we have to scour specialty stores for the goods. But now this Ohio-based outfit is cutting out the middleman and bringing the shirts straight to the masses.

Buy: Nike Love PRS Tee, black/yellow, $28; Icons Sunburst, anthracite and heather grey, $35; NSW Summer Sportswear Tee, in anthracite, electrolime, and white, $35; Let’s Play, $20.


  1. Hallie says

    i like all of them, but i wish nike would make more tennis related shirts. i have a couple but they seem to have the ones they make in stock for like a week- and then poof. gone.

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