finally, as no. 2, federer gets some love at the majors


Tweets/texts/emails/pings fluttered our way right after Roger Federer climbed out of that five-set mess that was his semifinal against Juan Martin Del Potro. The score: 3-6, 7-6 (2), 2-6, 6-1, 6-4.

We don’t remember the last time we felt so compelled to gun for Roger at a final (there were goosebumps as we got on the ‘net for the match synopsis…). But why the sudden change? Why are we all so excited?

Seeding: As if the ranking (and seeding) stars aligned perfectly, Roger was seeded No. 2 at a major where he is clearly second-best. Thus, there’s no extra push for Rafael Nadal, the king of clay, to correct the discrepancy with a title win.

He’s suffered enough: Federer has spent the last year having the pack chip away at his runaway No. 1 ranking. His testiness with the press — and eventual sobfest — has shown us that underneath the automaton is a living, breathing, person. And now that he’s spent enough time suffering for being a hyper-confident douche, we again have his over-muscled back.

The tide is turning: The girlfriend wife is preggers. And now he’s back on track to equal (or surpass) Pete Sampras‘ Slam record. Sometimes, it’s just nicer when good things come in bunches.

The tide is turning… for Rafa: Now that Nadal’s got the media coverage, the number one seeding, and the customized Nike kit, it’s also his turn to be the one knocked out from the top. How well can he (and his knees) handle that pressure? His docs have already asked him to pull out of Queen’s Club.

We can’t wait to see what happens next!


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