martina's "art grand slam" gets its due


Now that Roland Garros is under way, Martina Navratilova‘s Art Grand Slam, which we told you about back in March, is finally getting a boost in traffic.

Like the painting above, most of the artwork involved pressing tennis balls onto canvas. It reminds me of a sweatshirt my friend Alex made not too long ago (below, right). One of my favorite paintings is the one of the green shirt (left).

CHECK IT OUT: You can see some of the paintings at the exhibition’s official website. Which are your favorites? Tell us.

>> short balls: martina kicks, stretches, and kicks!


  1. Austy says

    All of that art is good. It gives you the textures, the color, the sense of movement of tennis. None of it is great though. There’s a certain personality that it lacks. Maybe it’s the drama, the sense of rivalry, and the weird rhythms of the game that make tennis so fascinating. The ones that incorporate a human element (the shirt – which I agree is the best piece, and the footprint in the clay) come closest to giving you that feeling, but I still think the project misses the mark.

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