fashionistas: puma and lydia hearst team up again


To those who could not get their hands on the hundred or so limited edition Lydia Bags from earlier this year: fear not. (I’m talking to you, too, Britney.) Puma and Ms. Hearst are teaming up for another round of patchwork bags. (We hope Heatherette will be back to help with the designs.)

This time, they’re making it available to us common folk for $100 a pop. Prior to this, the closest we could get to the Lydia was the company’s Racket Grip Bag (a part of the French 77 line).

DIY: If you’re feeling like you can channel your inner publishing heiress, grab your glue gun and bedazzler, buy your blank canvas, and create your own Lydia. Send me photos!

I wonder if people actually use this bag to carry racquets. What do you think?

(via Flypaper)

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  1. kim segni says

    Hey, I love the Lydia bag andd I want to use it for tennis on my team. I just spent 3 hours looking for it on the internet with zero luck. When can you buy it and where? I’d love to know Please help!

    -Kim Segni

  2. kim segni says

    OMG I just googled myself and found this, I so forgot. I looked more into the bag and found that only like 18 were made so they will go to celebs ,also they had some but they were like $200+ sorry, but no
    oh well…

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