off the rack: serena williams


Such an unassuming Nike kit from Serena Williams, no? It’s almost funny to think that she who is wearing off-the-rack is the one still left standing. It’s good to let her game — and what we can only assume are thousands of dollars’ worth of jewelry — do the talking.

Buy: The Nike Women’s Summer Athlete Dress, Classic Charcoal w/Bright Coral Orange & Vivid Pink (swoosh), $95.

Close inspection: Let’s take a look at the blinding accessories — a ring, a few bracelets, giant earrings — shall we?

(images via Getty Images)



  1. jacob says

    wow.. love the jewelries!! simple love it! but i do wish that serena wore something more “sophisticated.” but at least the color is easy on the eyes, unlike her previous bright orange get-up!

  2. says

    I don’t see what funny about her buying normal clothes that everyone else can also buy.

    thought doesn’t her sister have a clothing line…I think it odd she’s not wearing Venus clothing that you can get at Steve & Barry

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