a tip for mauresmo


A lot of people speculate that Amelie Mauresmo isn’t earning her fair share of endorsement dollars because she’s a lesbian, but the Bonham Marketing Group, out of Denver, thinks otherwise:

It’s more than just her sexuality that may be keeping sponsors away, said Dean Bonham of the Bonham Group, a Denver sports marketing firm. He said Mauresmo could command up to $10 million a year if she revealed a charismatic personality and compelling story to the public.

That’s right, Amelie. Stop being boring.

On the flipside, let’s point out one of the companies that have added her to their endorsement roster: Head signed Amelie on in the beginning of February, with the agreement lasting throughn 2010. She was previously with Dunlop.



  1. a.e says

    what more should she say about herself?
    The media talks more about her being gay than her amazing one-handed backhand so should she kiss her girlfriend next time she wins something?
    is that it?
    her story is nice
    watching Noah win RG in 04 and telling her mum that she wants to do that and hey the student has surpassed the master she has 2 Grand Slams to 1 for Noah and 1 final.
    1 silver medal
    1 fed cup
    1 YEC
    been number one,something that no other french players since the computer ranking has started has ever done.
    more titles to any current men or women french players of this era,what more do people want?

  2. jli says

    Amelie is anything BUT boring. The woman is simply classy; her game is just absolutely beautiful. We should feel so lucky having witnessed the likes of her and Federer in our lifetime. Dean Bonham, I suggest you watch some of her interviews and see if you should have stuck your foot in your mouth instead. The woman is just terrific at interviews.

    She shy away from controversy – can you blame her? Is that such a bad thing? Is that why this so called Bonham marketing firm calls her boring? Do people in this errr…Colorado marketing based firm even know how to play tennis?

    By the way, I believe Amelie’s got enough cash and is quite satisfied financially.

    Privacy is priceless.

  3. Sadie says

    Umm…she’s won grand slams, major tournaments, an olympic medal, millions of dollars in prize money/endorsements…ummm…yeah i deffinitely don’t think she need a “tip” from you…or anyone for that matter…right cuz you would give up your private life so that little boys and girls drink more coke, sure…that’s what our society needs…more athletes endorsing stuff, because that’s such a rarity these days…hmmm

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