sharapova FINALLY wears her new clothes


Oops. So we were a little premature in reporting Maria Sharapova‘s newest outfits back in March. We’d hoped that the blue Nike dress would make a Miami debut. Instead Masha opted to wear Gator colors that week and waited until the French Open to parade this new outfit.

The dress — reminiscent of what Stella McCartney designed for Maria Kirilenko at last year’s Wimbledon — can be worn with the black leggings. And Masha did that for her first round match. But she chose to go bare for the second round (photo, left). Yowza!

Also, that embroidered visor is a nice touch.

What do YOU think about the outfit? Tell us.

sharapova-control-full.jpg sharapova-french-hat.jpg sharapova-controldress.jpg


  1. butter says

    I saw her wearing this yesterday palying against Loit. I really like it!!!!! She could go from the tennis court to a casual party. love love love it! She wore the leggings yesterday, but I haven’t seen her wearing it w/o the leggings. her legs are, well, TOO LONG 😀

  2. says

    I agree with the womenstennis, I wonder if a lighter blue would be better. I did like how it flowed, and I imagine the mesh over-top must make it good for any weather conditions.

  3. says

    I have to say that Maria Sharapova’s sometimes risky (and risque!) clothing choices almost always work. This one is incredibly sexy, and seems so light and refreshing, even if it isn’t really a “dress” so much as underwear. And I disagree about a lighter color. Considering how pale she is, Sharapova looks fantastic in dark colors. A lighter blue could wash her out — while this dark blue (and her Audrey Hepburn little black dress from the US Open) look great on her. I love this dress. It’s probably the first time in the history of watching tennis that I’ve really noticed an outfit. Well, okay, there was the leather catsuit Serena wore one year and there was that weird vented shirt that someone was wearing for a while, so I guess I mean this was the first time I noticed an outfit and thought it looked great and not totally insane.

  4. ruberdcky says

    Cheri: I really can’t wait to see what Stella McCartney’s going to bust out for Maria Kirilenko for Wimbledon, because her outfits have been lackluster so far this year.

  5. maria sonia garcia says

    i am living in tenerife,and i will like the new dress and visor ,in blue that maria sharapova wear for roland garros 2007. please where i can buy this apparel ,now?
    every thing is very nice,i am a tennis player from a club in tenerife ,and here that clothes is not here for sale.
    thanks a lot

  6. ruberdcky says

    Maria: not sure if Tennis Warehouse processes international orders, but it’s worth a shot. Just give them a quick Google. Good luck.

  7. suzei. says

    Hey everyone,
    I totally loved this dress and visor! I know where you can get the dress, maria sonia – do do international orders at not too big shipping prices.

    But does anyone know where you can buy the visor (and any other sharapova visors??) I really want one!!
    Thank you!!

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