Tipsarevic d. Safin, aka why I love tennis


Two of the sport’s more mercurial players squared off in the second round at the French Open. Serbian (and Patrick Rafter look-alike) Janko Tipsarevicsans glasses — emerged the winner, beating Marat Safin 6-4, 6-4, 7-5. Judging from these photos, it looked like a tight match. Did anyone see it?

Clothing: Marat’s in adidas and Janko wore Fila.

Tattoo watch: For another view of Janko’s “Beauty will save the world” tattoo, make sure to click on the second picture from the left, below.

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  1. butter says

    wait, so Marat lost? I was confused by the title. If so, then I’m speechless, I don’t think Safin’s ,matches are being covered by ESPN, cos he performs bad (usually). Anyways, “beauty will save the world”????? better be a deeper meaning than what I’m thinking!

  2. ruberdcky says

    Hey butter — sorry about the confusing title. I guess I really did want Safin to win (but I’m happy about either outcome). The “Beauty will save the world” quote is from Dostoevsky’s “The Idiot”.

  3. butter says

    oh ya it’s ok. I got ur e-mail :-) Well, if u ask me I’d want Safin to win too!!!!! What a waste!—what he’s doing w/his talent, oh, well, I’m starting to get over the “Safin fever” lol…..oh ya bout that quote, hmmm….need to start reading more books, FYI I’m only on pg.63 of ANNA KARENINA. I’m lazy 😛

  4. Ana says

    omg, where r u people from??? i get it, Marat looks great, but Janko… hmmm, believe me i met him, he is a great guy… he is so fucking cool… i’m glad he won…

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