Variations on a Theme, by Serena Williams


Serena Williams and Nike continue their study of pink and purple, this time in the form of a sports bra with a halter dress (and a long sleeved layer for when it gets cold).

What do YOU think about her look? Tell us.

serena-pink-longsleeve.jpg serena-pink-closeup.jpg



  1. Julie Hastings says

    Somebody needs to give them a lesson in color theory ! I don’t usually care much what the women are wearing BUT as an artist this pink on orange clay offends my sensibilities !! Green or blue against the clay would provide contrast but yet be complementary colors.

  2. says

    hmmm i would not have chosen pink but i wud have gone for something like lime green to stand out on clay… pink is only good at the aus open and the us open

  3. says

    I’m also an artist. Serena has always loved pink. Pink and purple go nicely together. Both look great against her skin tone which is far more important that how they look against the backdrop of red/orange clay.

  4. butter says

    I don’t like the hem of this uniform, it doesn’t look well made. The color should’ve been different, perhaps yellow.

  5. todd smith says

    Horrible! The quality and fit looks terribly poor on tv. She has been badly miserved by the people who advise her. The outfit screams “hello, Kmart shoppers.” It is not a question of color or design really. The execution is pitiful. Nike should be ashamed of itself. They do a much better job for Sharapova.

  6. ruberdcky says

    Todd: I only saw this on TV for a quick second, so I can’t speak to its quality. And as you can tell, the color theorists are about to lynch whomever decided that pink would work on the red clay. But still, something has to be said about how accessible and pretty this outfit is compared to the catsuit, the pleather and denim (PLEATED, even) skirt, and other crazy outfits she’s worn in the past.

  7. Vince says

    it looked great on serena, pink is her fave colour, the outfit suited her better than the one she wore at the oz open…

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