how do you say "ballgirl" in italian?


Exploitation or not, these are great uniforms. The Romans sure know how to dress their raccattapalle.

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(photo by Antonio Constantini via the Internazionali d’Italia website)


  1. says

    did they use models as ball girls?

    I’m not sure. They might not be professional models, but you know they were hand-picked to fit in those teeny tiny uniforms

  2. Claire says

    those outfits are hot!! I being a previous ball girl for the rca tennis tournament in indy…what can I say we wore nothing like that!

    Reply: I wonder, though — would you have wanted to wear that if you were a ball girl?

  3. zola says

    uniform for next year: hat, shoes and glasses!

    Nah…, I think the focus should be on players.

    Reply: Zola, I don’t agree. I think we can dress the ballgirls better and still not take away from the players. We don’t pay an arm and a leg to get into a court and watch the ballgirls. We’d still be watching the players duke it out.

  4. says

    Wow those outfits ARE whooaa ahah

    I was a ballgirl at Indian Wells and our uniforms were boring compared to that.

    we were sponsored by FILA too :)

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