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Hey everyone — if you’re even still out there — I am going to give this thing another try. Various things have kept me away from TSF in the last few months: taking responsibility of a busy job (saving the world, as I like to say), ridiculous financial obligations as a means to physical health, flirting with locavorism (thanks, Ms. Kingsolver), and watching lots and lots of DVDs (next step: video-on-demand). Oh, and facebook.

Buuuuut we’re back. Anyway, I’m going to start off light and easy. Seeing that it’s snowing out here in Los Angeles — leaving the entire metropolis hogtied — I bring you my picks for winter gifting (that is, if your wallet can spare it):

Bodum’s Orange Kenya Coffee Press Pot: There’s always room in your life for bright orange. Plus, it’s $10 cheaper than the classic Chambord version. ($29.95,

gold slinky

Silver Spoons are so over: For the baby who has everything, a golden slinky. Simon Doonan does it again. ($100,

White ceramic things, pt 1: Splurge on this Aughts-friendly phonophone by artist Tristan Zimmerman. ($500, Unica Home)

…pt. 2: The “I am not a paper cup” coffee cup, which has upended the New York Coffee Cup as our new mock ceramic love. ($20, Unica Home)

Retail therapy: Feel good about picking up one of these reversible cotton/canvas totes from Rugby. Parts of proceeds from the bags’ sale will feed children in one of 74 developing countries sponsored by the UN World Food Program. Your mom, Pony. ($60,

lego rings jewelry

Snap your ring finger: Lego as jewelry. Brilliant. ($140-$165, Edition Mathea; via Refinery 29)


  1. says

    Hey Erwin, I’m so glad you’re back! Hm, I just hope you’ll continue to write about tennis. Anyway, wish you enjoyable blogging and the continuation of your success.

    I was thinking about you these days actually, and I wanted to pitch you to refresh your blog. :) I was busy though, but you kind of heard my thoughts. :)

    See you around!

  2. Mel says

    I’m so happy you’re back! You have time to rest now that we’re in the off season and prepare for the Aussie Open.

  3. Amanda says

    I am happy to read your blog again!… You got me more into tennis than ever before… look forward to reading your goodies. hello from brooklyn!

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