the boobs are back in madrid


Feminism? What’s that? The ladies of the Mutua Madrilena Masters Madrid are back for yet another seven days of bouncin’ and ball-retrievin’.

Thankfully, tourney organizers opted out of last year’s bejeweled tattoos (leave that for Mariah‘s back) and instead focused on more subtle accessories for these fashion models-cum-ballgirls: a muted slate tank top, a cute black mini-brim cap with a tie on the back, and a pair of bright silver Diadoras for some pop.

(photos by Getty Images)



  1. Mel says

    With Marat out of the tournament, it feels like a waste of meat! (Although, given by the recent pictures of his new “GF”, he seems to like cheaper girls than that)

  2. tennisnoise says

    Just hope the girls don’t distract from the game, wait… the players don’t care, it’s the fans…….. just like cheerleaders in football.

  3. says

    Are they going to train them to actually understand on how to properly get the balls this year. Last year their were a few embarassing moments where the players had to help them.

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