celebrity bites. sometimes, it just takes a picture


Ahh, the perils of celebrity! One day you’re tanning naked on your yacht, and the next day you’re tanning naked on your yacht while a papparazo takes your picture.

See the full (NSFW?) photo of Rafael Nadal here:

(politeapplause via DTOL)



  1. Terry says

    Finally, the papparazzi snapped a shot worth seeing; I would love to see the shot taken 5 seconds before this one :) While the intrusion is unfortunate for Rafa is it good for us because he is sooooo freaking hot.

  2. paige says

    that doesn’t look like a man’s butt, i’m pretty sure that’s edited or photoshopped. he doesn’t seem like the type to tan naked either.

  3. gioconda says

    Oh man. No privacy even on his own cool little yacht.

    That said, what a gorgeous island man. I love Rafa as much as any fan, and get vicarious thrills seeing what a fantastic life he leads. He spends his down time fishing in the Mediterranean, lives on a idyllic island in a perfect climate with a wonderful, tight-knit family, makes millions doing what he loves, travels the world, and he’s still only 22 years old!

    What a dream life.

  4. Alesse says

    ohhh he is so fricken hotttt he has an amazing ass is that even his lol ugh he is just so fuckable mmmmmmm

  5. Tami says

    WOW!!!!!!! A man couldn’t get any better looking than this, it would just be illegal…and what a beautiful body I can’t believe someone doesn’t like him (Marina), what is wrong with you?!!!!!!!!!

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