on Carson, California


Re: the Roadmap, it’s good to see that the J.P. Morgan Chase L.A. Open — “the ultimate tennis celebration” — will be a featured SEWTA stop. Whodathunk that the Carson would get such a high profile? First they get an IKEA, then billionaire Phil Anschutz (of AEG) adds David Beckham to the roster for the L.A. Galaxy (a Major League Soccer team that calls Carson’s Home Depot Center home). Becks has made a mark, too, opening an American arm of his eponymous soccer training academy in the city.

All Carson needs is a swank restaurant or two, some good publicists, and it’s set. Who’s gonna step up? Perhaps Gyu-Kaku Torrance?

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  1. Fefe says

    Don’t forget, Carson is home to the blimp. This is why they get a WTA event. You know the adage, “If a tree falls in the woods and no one is there to hear it, did it fall?” Well it is equally true, “If you have a sporting event and no blimp is there, was it shown on TV?”

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