federer wins his fifth u.s. open title


Congratulations to Roger Federer, who beat Andy Murray 6-2, 7-5, 6-2 to win his fifth consecutive U.S. Open singles title. Federer is the first man since Bill Tilden in the 1920s (and the first in the Open era) to win that many in a row.

(photo by Getty Images)

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  1. says

    He is just so great to watch. I’m so happy that he’s been going back more and more to his net game- its a thing of beauty! I was also very happy that in his interview he sounded like a man very comfortable with being No2 (but not complacent!) and not like someone ready to retire. I look forward to a great year of Rog vs Rafa, and a great year of Djokovic vs Murray and the rest in the Junior League.

    I’ve started a podcast and video series about a fictitious underground tennis legend, at

    with the first video here:

    I hope some tennis fans will get their post-Open fix with it!

    Mazel Tov Roger!

  2. anonymous says

    The best player tennis has ever seen. Also, the only player to win 2 Grand Slams 5 *consecutive* times!!! What next? Roland Garros 2009? Way to go RF!

  3. Rafterfan says

    Well, TSF, try not to sound too joyous over the great Roger’s victory! No matter – his legion of fans will cover for you quite nicely.

  4. bdg says

    It was a beautiful thing to see RF win! Funny though, everyone refers to Big Bill Tilden of the 1920’s. Big Bill was a big queer. Gotta luv it!

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