nike ad: roger’s air guitar


Here’s another Nike commercial featuring Roger Federer and his “coach” (Flight of the Conchords‘s Rhys Darby).

The ads were supposed to make light of Roger’s inexplicable greatness — i.e., he was kept sharp and brilliant by this secret coach that popped up when least expected. In light of recent events, though, the coach’s lack of talent underscores Roger’s current state.

At least it looks like he enjoyed filming the ad…



  1. says

    I love tennis ads for exactly this reason. It’s so often the case that after a sponsor floods a player with money, invests in making an ad, and brings it to the air during a tennis tournament, the player invariably loses.

    Wimbledon was especially bad for this, since so many of the top players lost so early. And it takes a few days to cut the losers out of the ads, so you get to see Andy Roddick looking triumphal during the commercial breaks at least.

    My all time favorite was the once ubiquitous “Unstoppable: Nicole Vaidisova Is” ads for Citizen Eco Drive watches. This is a tough sell, because the whole message goes awry as soon as a player loses. And since Vaidisova’s Super Slump began around the time these ads started to appear, we’re left to think, “Actually, Vaidisova is totally stoppable.”

  2. Denise says

    Okay, I am so not a Fed Fan–but I LOVE that commercial! Geez, if they would have done an ad like that 4 or 5 years ago, I could have fallen in love with that man. Dang.

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