is this thing on?


Hey, all —

Things have been quiet on TSF these last few weeks… I had to recharge the batteries and tend to my non-tennis life.

Anyway, I’ll be posting regularly again this week. I hope everyone’s alright out there!



  1. Browner says

    Welcome back! I work in Wimbledon and it has been such a anti-climax since it all finished, so good to know you are back feeding us with pics and stories from the World of tennis!

  2. notanothertennisfan says

    Welcome back, now get to posting! I want the skinny on Djokovic’s new duds. I’m kinda liking the coral/light blue combo he was wearing tonight vs. Dancevic and want to know more…

  3. Nez says

    yes i agree with notanothertennisfan… always lookin out for something new to wear on the tennis courts… :)

    welcome back

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