nicky kiefer’s new hair


Is that you, Nole? Maybe it’s the headband, but this is one of the few times that I’m actually favoring longer hair on a dude. Nicolas Kiefer, what did you do?!

Pre-cut, at Wimbledon.

How are we feeling, folks? Time to weigh in

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  1. Micah says

    Oh WOW! MUCH BETTER… I’d like to see the stubble grow in more… but HOLY MOLEY! That’s HOT!

  2. says

    Normally, I too am on the “cut your hair, hippie” bandwagon. Remember when Federer looked like he was on his way to a new age seminar or perhaps a Phish concert? Agassi bald is about a gajillion times hotter than Agassi with a weird mullet, etc. Even when a haircut is ill-advised for other reasons, like when Guga was briefly buzzed and (a la Jennifer Grey post-nose job) lost his most easily identifiable feature, he was much better looking.

    However, in this case I have to say that Mr. Kiefer should’ve kept his hair long. Or at least not gone for the particular cut he ended up getting which looks like a haircut for a tough-talking ex-Marine stepdad turned gay disco DJ.

    The biggest problem for me is that it makes him look old. In fact, with this new haircut he could easily show up on “Men Who Look Like Old Lesbians.”

  3. MICAH says

    No way does the “That Girl Marlo Thomas” hair flip under the baseball cap look better than what he has now! Kuddos to Kiefer’s “barber”!!!

  4. Sam says

    Holy Crap that makes him look ten years older, it may have been a bit too long before but what he got was a mistake.

  5. says

    I am normally not in favor of the long hair, but I must agree with Erwin and the majority here. Too much. I wish Safin would go to the barber – I like guys with a little texture but for some reason he works for me when he is super clean cut – he was starting to drift into his “Pirates of the Caribbean” look during Wimbledon.

  6. Sam says

    I think it’s the headband that’s throwing me off, so I can’t decide yet.

    I liked the long hair, and yeah, it was getting a bit *too* long, but I didn’t expect him to cut it *that* much… And I liked the more stubbly look, too…

    Maybe it’s his way of dealing with turning 31?

    But at least Kiwi didn’t pull a Jamie Murray. >=P

  7. Sonja says

    Ew, I don’t like the new hair. A tad too short I think, and before it was a tad too long. He should meet in the middle LOL.

    BTW, why is there NO blog post commenting Rafa’s incredible Wimby victory?!

  8. Monica K says

    I’ve always liked Kiefer with shorter hair. I remember a few year back when it was shorter (longer than it is now) and he had this sexy goatee. He needs to bring that back. At least I won’t get him confused with Benjamin Becker anymore.

  9. Angelique says

    No I liked Kiwi’s long hair. And I like Fed with his ponytail and beads. Guess that makes me a hippy.

  10. javier says

    Let me put in my two cents on this topic. To my taste the new cut is much too short, too severe, too austere. Kiefer looked much better with the long hair. It seems a shame to take the time to grow hair down to one’s shoulders only to cut it off. Kiefer should stay away from the barber for a few years now!

  11. says

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