sharapova’s sheer beauty


Maria Sharapova walked onto Court One for her first round match in this 2008 Wimbledon tournament wearing an ensemble from the Nike White/Gold Wimbledon collection. Finally, the menswear-themed outfit she’d revealed a few days ago was in full display.

The jacket is a single-breasted white warm-up with gold stitching on the collar lapel and front edge; plus a tie belt. What an excellent progression from her French Open windbreaker capelet earlier this month.

“I love men’s wear in general,” Sharapova said Tuesday after beating French qualifier Stephanie Foretz 6-1, 6-4 in the first round. “I love tuxedo jackets.”

For whatever reason, she omitted the wide-leg trousers from the warm-up sequence. We’ll see if it makes an appearance in a later round.

And her sheer racerback top turns tuxedo with a bib front. Her low-rise shorts have a wide-tailored waistband (with tab closure), pinstripes, and gold-stitched buttons.

So why all this fancy schmancy tailoring? In a press release, Nike mentioned that Maria’s attire was inspired by London’s history of bespoke tailoring.

More pictures: Of her blouse as seen from the back, her shoes, and her bag. Plus buying information, all after the cut…

From the back.

The shoes.

The bag.

Buy: The mass-market version of the Wimbledon Blazer (two-button vs. Maria’s three-); Wimbledon Sleeveless Top, less sheer than Maria’s; and Wimbledon Shorts.

(photos by Getty Images and AP Photo)

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  1. Lu says

    nice jacket
    shorts are ok

    this tuxedon though, really makes her shoulders protuding and doesn’t hide her armpit fat. and as mush as some see-through part seems a good idea, all i see is an opaque bbib part hiding bras..

    I like that her shirt can keep tucked in her shorts thoug, that’s pretty rare in tennis LOL

  2. says

    Hmmm…I like the idea, but I don’t like the outfit. Hate the top…I think it looks kind of silly. I do like the shorts, but they don’t seem like they fit her all that well to me.

  3. nearlynormalized says

    The country of Russia has asked that Sharapova not carry the flag in the opening ceramony of the Olympics; apparently it will be to hot and they do not want her to get overheated before her match…She looks good, especially when she sweats, don’t you agree.

  4. butter says

    i actually like the top! it’s not like maria can get a surgery to make her shoulders narrower! so i rather have her flaunting it =)

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