shade yourself!


The current lot of Lacoste sunglasses leaves something to be desired (aviators: yawn), but if you feel like browsing — and seeing how they look on Andy Roddick and Tati Golovin — see the interactive site here.

I’m still lusting over the chunky sporty shades the French tennis brand released last year; particularly the model LA12602 (above).

You can find them in a few places (and in a few colorways).

Brown/Orange/Black at, $89.95; Grey/Green/White at, $89.95; Brown/White/Red, sold out.



  1. Mariam says

    The Lacoste sunglassess website is cool! It was fun to put different glassess on Andy and Tati….and the sunglassess are not bad either!

  2. says

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